Buy Plus Size Lingerie Online at The Apparel Effect

Buy Plus Size Lingerie Online at The Apparel Effect

Plus Size Lingerie

Sensuality and confidence are attributes that make a woman sexy and when we talk about looking attractive, the size of your body is immaterial. The only way you can feel confident about yourself and make others look at you in that light too is to love yourself, your body and the way you look. And when you want to look good for yourself as well as that special someone, what better way than to wear the right kind of plus size lingerie?

We at The Apparel Effect are committed to helping women look their beautiful best, and so we consistently bring to market Plus Size Lingerie that is a class apart. They are made from the best fabric and materials, styled to perfection and made to match your curves.  We believe that poise and confidence comes from dressing well inside & out, and you are sure to find something that matches your style sense and fancy from our wide range of plus size lingerie.

Create your Own Style

Our lingerie is designed for women who exude intellect, fashion and wit; who feel that sexiness isn’t something that is defined by size and shape; and that it’s more about genuine beauty and poise. Any high quality plus size lingerie should complement your stunning curves & emphasise your well-endowed frame.  If frailty isn’t something you care for and want to be a free spirited plus size woman who is sexy, confident and stunning in her own special way, our wide range of plus size lingerie wear is made just for you.

Stunning Range of Plus Size Lingerie

You will find an astounding range of plus size lingerie such as bras, teddys, chemises, babydolls and much more to choose from. Now you can set your fancy free and break free from the shackles of conventional style and fashion norms. Create your own style, express yourself, unleash the sexy and sensuous side of your persona and be who you want to be.

You don’t want to conform to set standards of size, shape, style and fashion. We at The Apparel Effect understand that you will find every piece of lingerie in our line is designed with ingenuity, crafted to perfection and made with exclusive fabric and laces that are sure to make you look as stunningly beautiful as you feel. Our exclusive range of plus size lingerie is sure to spice up your relationship too.

Shop for Plus Size Lingerie Conveniently Online

We create fashion for all the women out there who feel that they have been restricting themselves from looking sexy, for just too long; for women who are tired of being told that a certain style of lingerie is available only in “standard” sizes. Our plus size lingerie will help you create your own standard and you can shop conveniently and at your own pace, from the comfort of your home. 

 Once you  find  the lingerie you are looking  for,  you can place your order easily and  pay  securely  via  our site; and we will ship your  order right to your  doorstep. Ladies, it's time to get your sexy back! Shop our entire range of plus size lingerie products now.


  • Juan Powell

    Although, there are lingerie designs that could be too exposed or have a poor fit for my personality as these are the major problems encountered when considering questions like “how to shop for plus size lingerie”. I really appreciate this site for a job well done because they offered online catalogue where I can see the main lingerie being worn by beautiful models and this really made me know what to expect and answered my question on “how to choose plus size lingerie”.

  • Lilly-Ann

    I think this website might just be my new go-to for plus size intimates. It’s nice knowing that there are still companies out there who make sure that we plus size women can feel sexy in the sheets when it comes to plus size lingerie. I’ll definitely be coming back to this website for our anniversary in March!

  • Sandra

    I’m glad that there is a store where we can buy flattering lingerie. All of the stores where I would buy my lingerie only had sexy underwear in smaller sizes and the bigger sizes were really bland. I felt like I might aswell buy some granny knickers seen as the ones in the shop came close to that.
    There’s also the benefit of not being looked at weirdly when you ask if there’s any sexy lingerie in plus size.

  • Roberta

    Good tips on how to shop for plus size lingerie. Definitely agree that online is the way to go for the best selection. The Apparel Effect has really unique styles.
    LOVE some of these pieces! Especially like seeing plus size lingerie modelled by actual plus size women… so much more alluring!

  • Althea

    I’m glad to see sites that market to plus-sized women. I wish we had more physical storefronts to shop in. Regardless, the ease that this company makes it easy for the plus-sized woman to shop and create her own style. Plus-sized lingerie is back in style.

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