Plus Size Monokini  (one-piece) & Bikini Swimwear

Plus Size Monokini (one-piece) & Bikini Swimwear

Buy Stunning Plus Size Swimwear Online

Summertime is about beaches and sun and of course you want to look your best when you head down to the beach for a weekend trip, go out on vacation or just hang around your own pool. That being said, the next thing you will need are swimming suits that fit you perfectly.  A lot of women don’t a give much thought to this - they will just walk into a store or look online and buy the kind of swimwear they like. But plus size women always find it challenging to find the right kind of swim suits. If they find the right size, the styling may be non-existent; and if they find stylish ones, the fit may be wrong.

Wide Range to Choose From

If you are a plus size curvaceous beauty and love to head to the beach or dip into the pool, don’t let the lack of sexy and stylish plus size swimwear deter you in any way. At The Apparel Effect you will find a wide range of beautiful swimwear that will have the right styling and the right fit. Don’t settle for shapeless, pilled or dowdy-looking suits, just browse through our range and you will keep coming back for more. We make swimsuit shopping fun! Even if you aren’t too sure about the kind of swimwear togs you want to buy, we are positive that you will find different styling and can choose something that catches your fancy using this guide to buy plus size women's swimsuits.

Some Tips

Here are our tips for choosing the right plus size swimwear:

  • Fit - This is probably the most important aspect. When you are buying swimwear, know that it’s different from buying dresses. When you wear a swimsuit, you are under-dressing and the right fit matters even more here. You will find a wide selection of plus size swimwear at The Apparel Effect, but you should choose one that flatters your curves.
  • The Right Support - When you are well endowed, you should be extra careful to ensure that the swimwear you buy has the right support built into the suit. Opt for ones that have built in bras and some may also have underwire variants for better support.
  • Body Shape - Every plus size woman will have a different body shape – apple shape, pear shape etc. You should understand what your body shape is when you are choosing Plus Size Swimwear. For example, if you are pear-shaped, you may not need extra support around your bust; but if you have a large bosom, its best to choose swimwear that has extra support.

When Comfort Matters

In addition to the factors discussed above, think about comfort, self-confidence as well as personal fashion preferences. Look at the sizing chart before you order a product. You can choose from bikini-styles, a single piece suit or any other 2-piece ones.

Check out our entire range of plus size swimsuits now and find one (or several) that complements your figure!


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  • Ruth Robinson

    My main problem when it comes to shopping for a plus size swimsuit online is to get a perfect plus size swim suit that will fit me well in terms of size and will also be attractive in terms of style. It is always very difficult to get a plus size swim suit that will possess this two qualities. I am very happy that the issue was addressed in this write-up and i will make sure i order my own plus size swim suits from this site.

  • Lilly

    It’s great to see more plus size bikinis become available and being marketed. Most of the plus size swimwear in my city are one piece bathing suits. I now see that there are a lot more options for me if I just shop online and it doesn’t even have to cost a fortune. I’ll probably go with a tankini as Jessica stated, I think they’re really cute.
    It’s a shame that the shops in my city are so focused on selling to smaller people.

  • Jessica

    The blog posts on this website have really made me think better of myself. I used to be really self concious and afraid to show off my body but now I realise that if I can look good in swim apparel, why not in my every day clothes?
    I’m personally not really a fan of bikinis but I would love to buy a tankini for myself after reading your tips.
    Just have to wait for those sales to hit in time for summer!

  • Cindy

    Plus-sized bikinis… I’ve never thought they were possible – and look that good. I’ve also never had that figure to wear a bikini of any size, so I’ve been in the swimwear dark ages. Until now, I never knew what a monokini was. What a great selection you have in plus-sized swimwear. I see something for everyone.

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