The Apparel Effect - making ethical clothing the new black!

The Apparel Effect - making ethical clothing the new black!

The Apparel Effect - making ethical clothing the new black! One step at a time. 

Chic, modern women are already becoming more conscious when it comes to identifying ethical products. Let's take our regular trips to the grocery store, for instance. We bet that you already know exactly where to find the fairtrade bananas, and that the fairtrade coffee can be identified by the appropriate label on the packaging.

We're so proud to see more and more brands that engage in sweatshop free and fairtrade practices, and that eschew harmful chemicals and dyes. What we can do then is shop smarter—more thoughtfully—for items of ethically sourced clothing that will last a lot longer than fast fashion brands. In the long run, the habit of creating a sweatshop free and fairtrade closet will end up saving you money. 

How can we build a more ethically sourced clothing closet?

  1. Buy less

Any time is a great time to do a big clean-out of the things in your closet that no longer bring you joy. Buying fewer clothes will allow you to focus on purchasing items that are higher quality and made in a sweatshop free and fairtrade environment.

We at The Apparel Effect see things a little differently. We still believe in treating ourselves with great new pieces for out wardrobes. We just choose quality over quantity. And not just the quality of the apparel we purchase, we care about the quality of life for those throughout the making-selling-wearing process. Buy less, and buy better.

  1. Do your research

This step takes a little work on your part and the research can be a little tricky. You may find that some of your favourite brands don't come right out and say how their garments are made. On the other hand, ethically sourced clothing companies are proud to wear their credits on their sleeve.

For instance, The Apparel Effect will only source and sell ethical clothing from apparel companies who care about the souls that are doing all the work to produce the high-quality garments. Need information on the brands we carry? We're happy to tell you all about them. Just ask!

Here are some useful sources of information that may interest you:

  • The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights and CorpWatch keep a keen eye on corporations and their practices.
  • If you want to keep up to date with the practices of a particular company, set up a Google alert that includes that company's name and the terms "fairtrade" and "sweatshop free".
  • Good World Solutions offers resources around the companies that are actively bringing environmentally friendly and ethically sourced clothing to market.
  • Choice have a fantastic article on ethical clothing for your reading pleasure and provides links to further useful information.
  1. Pay attention to labels

We at The Apparel Effect dig into the history that comes with every label we carry. We are only interested in companies that care about each person in the process of creating, selling and wearing their apparel. To us, that equals fair practices, fair pay and garments that aren't dyed in harmful chemicals.

Thankfully, the number of apparel brands making sweatshop free and fairtrade garments is steadily growing. Here's how to find some more:

  • Shop Ethical! is the most popular tool right now for shopping, with over 4,000 social and environmentally conscious products in Australia. It's available for Android and iOS.
  • Founded by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition with the help of Nike, the Higg Index measures the environmental and social performance of apparel. To access the index, simply create an account and download the Excel file.
  1. Buy more...from The Apparel Effect!

Our commitment to environmentally friendly and ethical clothing is strong. We seek out clothing from brands that don't rely on sweatshops and are fairtrade compliant. When you buy from The Apparel Effect's collection of ethical clothing brands you can guarantee that all clothing items were made ethically and you won't be paying astronomical prices for them either. 

Fashion trends come and go but lets help ensure ethical practices are here to stay. Let's make ethical the new black! Start today by making your next fashion shopping destination The Apparel Effect. Shop now to see our incredible range of ethical clothing for women, including show stopping dresses from Blue Canoe and Eternal Creation. Want something more casual? Then check out the great range of trendy women's tops from AS Colour.


  • Scarlett Chamberlain

    I must commend the commitment of the site to ethical clothing. I really gained a lot from the write-up as i now know few ethical clothing brand around. I wasn’t aware of methods on how we can build a more ethical sourced clothing closet until now. All the tips were well understood by me and i can now make perfect choices when performing ethical clothing shopping.

  • Genevieve

    Thanks for this post. I’ve always wondered about fairtrade fashion and ethical clothing as there’s not really a quick and easy way to ask about it except doing your research online. Is the app also available for other countries except Australia? I think they’d become quite popular with people paying more attention to ethical clothing brands nowadays.

  • Kristina

    The buy less clothes and more quality was a tip which took me 20 years to figure out.
    I used to buy clothes whenever I went to the city. Nowadays I set aside an amount of money twice a year which I will use. It’s usually quite a large amount as quality comes with a price but for the clothing I get it’s honestly worth it. I haven’t had to throw any of the clothes out which I bought from that money.
    All my old clothes which I didn’t fit or which were of lower quality have been donated so it’s a win-win situation.

  • Jacin

    Responsible shopping is hard and time consuming. I like it when companies as a whole are set up for it. It helps all of us to do our part to ethically shop. Those who are plus-sized no longer need to settle for less. There are some wonderful tips here on buying quality clothing that can direct anyone to good, quality clothing with ethical origins.

  • Roberta

    I’m inspired by you all. I confess that ethical clothing hasn’t been a lens I’ve looked at fashion shopping through. I am horrified by sweat shops, and I always buy free trade coffee, so why not fashion? Probably because I’ve never found plus size ethical clothing available… it hasn’t been available, or hidden (to me).
    I really like that The Apparel Effect has made this a cornertone of their business. It will bring me back. LOVE the green big-dot skirt!

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