About Us

Wow! You made it this far - awesome! Great to see you here. It means you're curious about who we are at The Apparel Effect (or you landed here accidentally - let's hope it's the first reason?).

Let's start by stating that we at The Apparel Effect are a family business - a micro sized online business specialising in plus size women's fashion. We operate from the loneliest and most isolated capital city in the known universe! Yes, you guessed it - Perth, Western Australia. For our cousins in the east coast, we are about 180 degrees in the opposite direction, in the far reaches of the beautiful western coastline. For the benefit of our international friends, no we are no way near Sydney or Melbourne - we are in Perth! Yes, it is a city of its own! Check Google maps - Perth does exist :)

Anyway, more about us and why we are here. The team behind The Apparel Effect have been operating in the online arena for over 3 years, but have decades of experience in the fashion industry from long before the internet even existed (but definitely after the dinosaur era)!

We feel that fashion choices for plus sized women in Australia are becoming increasingly limited. Finding your favourite dress in the right size is just the start of the of the problems - how many fashion retailers have you walked into where they each have their own definition for size 18? What if you want to buy ethically made and environmentally friendly clothes? Where are the options to buy organic clothing like bamboo and silk?

We hear you and share your pain. The Apparel Effect is here to fill those gaps by providing you with:

  • a wide range of plus size (up to 6XL / size 30) clothing and fashion options;
  • access and options to purchase ethically made, sweatshop free and fairtrade fashion;
  • options to choose environmentally friendly clothing made from non-toxic dyes;
  • our organic clothing range where the clothes are made from organically grown materials and fibres such as bamboo, silk, cotton and wool; and
  • affordable prices (one of the most important factors for our customers).

We can deliver these to our customers because we worked hard to build long-lasting business partnerships directly with the clothes manufacturers from around the world, including Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, San Francisco and New York.

We support several ethical fashion brands who commit to ensuring their clothes are made sweatshop-free, comply with fairtrade practices, provide fair wages and genuinely care about the health and well-being of the employees. We understand that there is a real drive for responsible fashion and we are doing our bit to make that available to you so that you may do your bit.

We hope you have a great time shopping at The Apparel Effect, the online destination of real fashion for real women!

If you would like to know more, please contact us.


Best wishes from The Apparel Effect team :)



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