Get Free Clothing & Fashion from The Apparel Effect

Are you interested in getting free clothing & fashion from The Apparel Effect? If the answer is yes then you're in luck! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. We're not joking. You can get 50% or 100% off your purchased product! That's right, you can get it for HALF-PRICE or completely FREE! Yes, 100% free. 

Why are we doing this? Because we can :). But seriously; in order for us to be known to you we have to pay to advertise so that we can be seen and found by people searching for products we sell (this is probably how you found us in the first place).

This can be extremely expensive, especially for a small Aussie family business!

If our customers are genuinely happy with our products and services then we want them to promote us to their families and friends. We realise that personal recommendations, reviews and word-of-mouth forms of promotion are extremely powerful.

We also understand that customers are frustrated that we don't have plus size models for some products to showcase how those products look on curvy plus size women. 

For these reasons, we came up with a solution where you are rewarded for helping us. It's our way to give something back to the people who keep us in business.

So, how does this work?

  1. Complete your purchase as normal.
  2. Inform us by email that you're interested in recouping either 50% or 100% of the cost of the product and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible to verify, confirm and begin the process. 
  3. Check out the table below to see what you need to do. Once you've completed these steps and we've verified them we'll email you the coupon voucher for the appropriate amount for you to spend here at The Apparel Effect. We told you it was simple :).
Get 50% back*

Time to sharpen your writing skills :). Here's what you need to do:

1. Review the purchased product/s on The Apparel Effect website.

2. 'Like', 'Share' and 'Review' The Apparel Effect's Facebook page, accessed here:

3. Leave a review for The Apparel Effect on Word of Mouth, accessed from

4. Read and provide honest and thoughtful comments on at least 3 blogs, accessed from
Get 100% back (FREE)*

If you're not too shy then we'd love for you to demonstrate/model the product you bought from us! Just take some quality selfies and send them to us. Photo and video content submitted to The Apparel Effect may be used for marketing and promotional purposes on our website, print and digital media, social media and other platforms. You may even feature as our model for that product! Here's what you need to do (in addition to 1-4 above):

5. Submit at least 4 photos of you wearing the product (front, rear, left-side & right-side views) by email to The Apparel Effect. 

6. Submit a high quality video of you wearing and showcasing the product (minimum of 15 seconds) to The Apparel Effect by email.

7. Provide a video testimonial about the product and your experience in dealing with us at The Apparel Effect.

* Up to a maximum value of $40 AUD.

Shipping costs do not form part of this promotion.

The Apparel Effect reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time.

Contact us if you have any queries.



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