Women's Underwear Subscription Box

Get access to our full range of women's underwear with this subscription box. Not only are they oh so gorgeous and super sexy, they are just as equally comfortable. 

Our range of women's underwear are generally made from a blend of spandex and polyester in lace form, providing a degree of elasticity to hug the contours of your curves for a close and comfortable fit. Any subscription box you order will feature randomly selected items. Aside from the colour range you see below, each item may also be available in a number of other colours!

This collection of women's underwear come in some beautiful forms and designs to suit your preference, including G-strings, thongs and regular underwear (also known as panties), with a few surprises thrown into the mix. Check out the images below to get a taste of what you're in for!

What's the difference between G-strings, thongs and panties?

First of all, panties is just another term for underwear! The best way to explain the main differences between G-strings, thongs and panties or underwear is probably in a visual manner, where a G-string is the most revealing and underwear is the least revealing, with thongs sitting somewhere in the middle. 

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